Mexican guacamole

I could probably have a blog dedicated solely to talking about guacamole. It really is the complete food; packed with almost everything we need, it’s the ultimate dip, accompaniment, side dish, companion…I’m waffling. Sorry.

How do I know this is the best one around? Well, I could be wrong but my quest to find the best has yet to yield a better bowl of the green stuff than this. My amazing mum was born and raised in Mexico City and has infected me with her love of Mexican cooking. I can assure you this is the real deal and it is as tasty and healthy as could be. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 1 bowl:

2 large, soft and ripe tomatoes

1 ripe avocado

¼ onion

½ chopped red chili

1 handful of coriander

Juice of 1 lime

A pinch of coarse sea salt


Making this is super easy and quick! Very finely chop the tomatoes, onion and coriander into a bowl. Roughly chop the avocado and add that along with a good pinch of coarse sea salt.

Now for the magic, add the juice of a whole lime and the chilli and stir with a fork to kind of mash it a little bit. Don’t pulverise it with the fork and for heaven’s sake, don’t use a blender!

Enjoy with….everything!


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